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3 MUST-Do’s When Visiting Gibraltar

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1. Explore the Rock of Gibraltar
2. Visit the Barbary macaques
3. Visit St. Michael’s Cave

Gibraltar is a small British Overseas Territory located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Known for its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and diverse culture, visiting Gibraltar is a must for anyone traveling in the region. If you only have one day to explore Gibraltar, make sure to include the following three things in your itinerary.

Explore the Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is the most iconic landmark in Gibraltar, standing at over 1,300 feet tall. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding landscape. You can reach the top of the rock by hiking, taking a cable car, or joining a guided tour. Once at the top, not only can you enjoy breathtaking views of the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, and Morocco, but you can also explore the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, which is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The famous Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey population in Europe, roam freely in the reserve, and interacting with them can be a highlight of your trip.

Visit the Barbary macaques

The Barbary macaques in Gibraltar are a unique and fascinating species that can only be found in this small British Overseas Territory. The macaques are the only wild monkey population in Europe, making them a must-see attraction for visitors to the area. The Gibraltar Nature Reserve, where the macaques live, offers an opportunity to see these playful creatures up close and interact with them. Visitors can observe the macaques in their natural habitat and learn about their behaviour, diet, and social structures. The experience of seeing these charismatic primates is one that will stay with visitors long after they leave Gibraltar.

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Visit St. Michael’s Cave

St. Michael’s Cave is another must-visit attraction in Gibraltar. This natural limestone cave system is located within the Rock of Gibraltar and is believed to have been used as a shelter by Neolithic humans. Today, the cave is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can take a guided tour to explore its stunning formations and learn about its fascinating history. The cave’s largest chamber is often used for concerts and other cultural events, so be sure to check the calendar to see if anything is happening during your visit.

In conclusion, visiting Gibraltar for one day is an excellent way to experience the Rock’s beauty and history. Make sure to include exploring the Rock of Gibraltar, visiting St. Michael’s Cave, and interacting with the Barbary macaques in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve in your itinerary. Gibraltar has something for everyone, and you will not be disappointed.


Gibraltar’s geopolitical significance, situated at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, has profoundly shaped its cultural and historical tapestry. Explore the Rock’s strategic military heritage, reflecting its role as a bridge between continents and a witness to centuries of diverse influences.

For those with limited time, consider exploring the vibrant streets of Main Street for shopping, sampling local cuisine, or visiting Europa Point for stunning panoramic views. Each offers a condensed yet enriching experience of Gibraltar’s cultural and natural wonders.

Gibraltar’s history is a captivating narrative of battles, sieges, and diverse cultural influences. Unravel the tales of the Great Siege, the Moorish Castle, and the Pillars of Hercules, each contributing to Gibraltar’s identity as a guardian of history and a symbol of resilience.

Immerse yourself in Gibraltar’s unique blend of British, Spanish, and Moorish influences. Engage with the local community, explore historical sites, and savor diverse culinary delights. Participate in events, such as those at Europa Point, and embrace the multicultural atmosphere that defines Gibraltar.

The suggested must-dos are strategically located, ensuring accessibility even for those with limited time. Whether exploring the historic center, witnessing the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, or enjoying scenic vistas at Europa Point, each activity is designed for convenient exploration.

To enhance the experience, talk to our local guides who will tell you a lot of interesting things, attend our tours to get a deeper understanding of the sights, and take advantage of the Mediterranean rhythm to enjoy every moment. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and a charged camera or smartphone to capture the beauty of Gibraltar’s rich cultural and historical heritage.